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    A whole duck breast (from an open-air farm) cooked as the famous smoked meat in Montreal. Serve as its big brother with rye bread, yellow mustard and pickles. Or like a pie or pasta with smoked meat... Canned sterilized, conservation 3 years before opening.

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    Some cassoulet that we cook right here, on the farm, and easy to serve. Made with confit duck (that we breed on the farm), Toulouse sausages, white beans, and porc. It can be easily savoured by the whole family.

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    This toulousain cassoulet with duck confit will bring you all the flavors of South-Western France. This cassoulet for two can should be heated in the oven before serving. You can serve this cassoulet with a simple salad.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items