Les Charlatans

Jeanne Boucharlat

Les Charlatans make natural syrups and tonics, which means that neither preservative nor colouring agent is added. To respect the ingredients used and extract all the fragrance, Les Charlatans use fruit juice, zest and sometimes spice or grass.

Syrups are used in beverages (cocktails, mocktails), in desserts or simply to sweeten a plain yogurt or perfume a flat or carbonated water!

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  • Les Charlatans offers a touch of acidity with its delicious with its sea buckthorn syrup. Originate from Asia and Europe, this shrub, that adapts easily to temperature variations, is now growing in Quebec. This syrup made from small orange berries is divine with mineral water or gin, white rum or vodka cocktails. In addition,...

  • Sichuan pepper gives a beautiful depth and tone to the delicious sweet strawberries. The kind of syrup that tastes like childhood memories! Enjoy this syrup in cocktail, it is perfect used with vodka or Tequila for example. It can also be extended with a white wine to make a kir or a sparkling wine for a kir Royal. Of course, you can indulge...

  • The cucumber tonic syrup by The Charlatans is very unique, with its mix of quinine, fresh cucumber flavor, enhanced by a touch of tarragon. You can of course enjoy it in a Gin Tonic, but also in many other cocktails! Note that with a bottle, you will be able to make up to 16 cocktails. Perfect for next summer!

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items