Vinaigrerie Gingras

Bertand Deltour, David Gare

Gingras' cider vinegar is a real handcrafted vinegar. Only healthy apples are used to prepare our cider vinegar. After many months of fermentation in oak barrels, the vinegar is extracted using a secret french technique. This ancient process gives a real cider vinegar, with full flavours, colors, and nutritious values. This is in fact a unique product in Canada.

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    Gingras XO is proud to offer you an exceptionnal vinegar cider, made from the apples grown in our own orchard, in Rosemont. It has been aged for about 12 years in oak barrels. This gives it golden gleams and a unique taste, sweet, complex and intense altogether. Use it to create your homemade salade dressings. You will be charmed by its sweetness and...

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