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Promote Québec gastronomy

Promote Québec gastronomy Promote Québec gastronomy

Terroirs Québec is much more than a simple grocery store online. We aim to be an Ambassador of Quebec gastronomy and its artisans in Canada as in the rest of the world. Our goal is to establish long term trade between Quebec producers and consumers who love them. And since the reputation of gastronomy is based on the notoriety of his actors, we would like to give a helping hand to these artisans offering them visibility on Terroirs Québec.

Boost Québec economy Boost Québec economy

At Terroirs Québec, we work in partnership with nearly 70 producers from Québéc throughout the province. By ordering on our site, you are helping to create trade across the province of Quebec, even in the most remote regions such as the Inuit territories.
With Terroirs Québec, we at the same time allow small businesses to sell to a customer that he could not reach a few years ago. By increasing their sales volumes, we become actors of the dynamization of the Quebec economy, especially in regions.

Continuity in the quality of our productsContinuity in the quality of our products

All our partners share our passion for gastronomy, and more specifically, the products of our soil. This interest translates into a desire to produce the best quality food possible. We take care of our side to keep the better your food during shipment so that all the aromas and freshness of products should be preserved.

Make our deliveries on time Make our deliveries on time

You trust us when you order on our site and it is essential for us to preserve it by guaranteeing fast delivery directly at your door. To do this, we ensure a constant availability of our products in stock and delivery within two working days in some cities in Quebec and Ontario. Be-sure to receive your favourites quickly with Terroirs Québec.

Be closer to you to meet your needsBe closer to you to meet your needs

Your satisfaction is very important to us, as well as for our producers that depend greatly on. This is why we offer a point of honor that your visits and your orders on our website go best. Enjoy high quality services and do not hesitate to contact us by writing to us to make us share of your suggestions or other requests.

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