Frequently asked questions

Our vision of terroir (local) products :

The concept of terroir (local) is often extensive and everyone has their own vision of what it means. Obviously Quebec is not a single terroir. That is why we strive to classify each product by region, even if the concept of terroir is not defined by an administrative region !
It is an open debate on which TerroirsQuebec encourages discussion and reflection (please consult our video interviews on our blog). We want to facilitate the marketing of small producers that we love and appreciate. Not everything is from a terroir but we have to start somewhere.
Obviously, not all our products are 100% from Quebec but we first and foremost look for traditional products that are made with love by passionate artisans. We intend to demonstrate that it is possible to sell Quebec products to everyone and furthermore over the internet...We also try to work closely with producers to promote their products...

How we help producers :

We buy the products that we sell at distributor prices. We do not pressure the producers, they are above all our partners.
We provide free visibility to all our producers, even providing a link to their Website. We wish to help them as much as we can in promoting their products on the Internet. We will never ask any retribution for classifying the products that we distribute.
Our blog is an open forum for all market participants: we can publish all relevant information. We also produce video podcasts of meetings with restaurant owners, producers...

What does TerroirsQuebec offer?

We are looking to reference local or regional products, made or processed in Quebec.  We are seeking for the best products or the best producers daily.  Of course we take into consideration your comments about the products already referenced or about any new recommendations.

Who is behind TerroirsQuebec?

The site is operated and managed by Terroirs Québec inc., a corporation, founded by Cédric Fontaine.  We are not linked to any major company and our means are limited.  Nevertheless we wish to keep this independency and reactivity thanks to a basic structure.

Cédric FontaineCédric Fontaine was born in Brittany (France) on November 11, 1974. After obtaining a degree in economy and social sciences, he studied for three years in hotel business and catering. During his studies to obtain his advanced vocational diploma, he worked both in cusine and in the front of restaurants for renowned establishments such as Le Rempart, 4 stars in Tournus (Bourgogne), l'Abbaye de Villeneuve 4 stars in Nantes...). At the end of his studies he developed a social project for the integration of the blind that produced menus in Braille and large lettering for restaurants across France. His professional life was pushed forward by integrating complex hotel management systems for prestigious European hotels and restaurants.
In 2002, he and his wife decided to establish themselves in Quebec. In 2005 he chose to promote Quebec gastronomy by creating TerroirsQuebec.

What are the terms of delivery?

All of the items that you order are available in stock and are usually sent the same day you order.  You can follow the progress of your order directly from your account page.

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