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  • Served with a baguette, aged cheddar, smoked cheese (Bergeron and Oka), and dried sausage, this black beer jelly with the taste of coffee, chocolate and a herbaceous hops will transport you to the heart of Ireland.  80 ml La Sang d'Encre : contains barley

  • In harmony with your platters of duck and cranberrie rillettes, deer terrine, Boursin with pepper and brie, this beer jelly is the perfect balance between sweet malt and resinous hops and will also bring a finish touch of grapefruit flavor. 80 ml La Morsure: contains barley

  • With a red meat tartar, dried sausages, brie, or sausage, this beer jelly denotes as muchsweet malt flavors as tropical fruits.  80 ml La Mac Tavish : contains barley and gluten

  • With OKA Artisan cheese, a good terrine and a divine foie gras, this blond beer jelly will satisfy the lovely gourmand in you. Discover a taste of citrus fruits and passion fruit with a fine touch of spices. 80 ml La Saison du Tracteur : contains barley

  • With a salmon tartar, sausages or camembert, this blond beer jelly will refresh you with its herbaceous taste. Impress your sweetheart at a dinner in her honor! 80 ml La Pitoune: contains barley

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items