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  • This spread is THE BOMB! Chuck Hughes' vegetables farmer's hot pepper spread is spicy so if you want to add some heat to your recipes then this is the stuff for you.

  • Small production: harvested from a 8 000 trees sugar shack This maple syrup comes from a unique sugar maple in the Montérégie and has an exceptional rich and sweet taste. You'll notice the difference right away. We agree: fluffy pancakes soaked in maple syrup... it's hard to beat! Rich and amber taste, Canada category A

  • A sweet little antipasto from Chuck Hughes's farmer. Just like its spicy brother, this antipasto is perfect on eggs, pizzas, fish, steak... Very addictive flavors you'll want to add everywhere!

  • It's the spicy antipasto from Chuck Hughes' s farmer. It is perfect on eggs, pizzas, fish, steak... If you like to eat spicy, quickly you will not be able to do without!

  • The all Purpose mayonnaise, as its name suggests, is versatile, rich and creamy, its taste of Dijon and horseradish will give punch to your fries, meats, sandwiches and other creations.

  • This fine herb and salt blend has a light woodsy, camphor flavour. It is a unique product: lower in sodium than table salt, it adds a great deal of flavour to all types of dishes. It contains no preservatives and is made with 100% natural ingredients.

  • 3 Delicious Wild herbal teas picked from Kamouraska. Winter tea: Comforting the days of mist and storm, sipped in front of the stove! Nourishing and stimulating during a cold, it helps the airways. Brew a tablespoon of the mixture for a cup of water. Add lemon and honey for an iced tea. Labrador Tea: Traditional native beverage. In leaves or...

  • Please note that box and product description are in french only. 6 beautiful spice mixes from Kamouraska, harvested by the river. Salt to seaside plants: like table salt, with a little sea taste in addition! Magnify fish, seafood, tomatoes, rice, soups, vegetables, eggs... Ideal for seasoning your dishes in duo with sea Pepper. Spicy...

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items